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Shanghai Boge Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a fully synthetic lubricant supplier integrating lubricant research and development, sales and service.   Our partner is VR Heavy Industries of the United States, which is a forward-looking, independent and professional lubricant manufacturer in the industry.


Our company owns the brand 艾萨-ASI which is a registered trademark in Chin, and its products cover air compressor oil, automobile oil, refrigeration oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, heat transfer oil and chain oil. The company is committed to building a high-end lubricant brand in China. After years of hard work, it has established a lubricant testing laboratory with international advanced testing methods to check quality and provide customers with the best solutions and has achieved considerable development. Promise to continuously meet and exceed customer needs, speed up the research and development of high-tech products, and follow the new trend of market development.


We introduced the products of the four major international additive companies, import base oils of well-known international brands, add American blending formula technology and local testing technology, and produce a full range of synthetic oil products, greatly reducing import tariffs, transportation, and labor costs to benefit customers.


Shanghai Boge Trading Co., Ltd
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