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艾萨-ASI Meet API SN Standard Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30
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API SN Syntheic Engine Oil 5W-30

5W-30 is formulated by premium base oils and advanced additives. It will reduce friction, engine noise and meet the high speed running lubrication requirements of medium/high level cars. It will save fuel and the drain period is 10000~20000KM.

5W-30 meets the following standards:
2. ACEA E7/E5/E3/A3/B3/B4


1. Outstanding viscosity index, provides best protection when temperature rises.
2. Outstanding low temperature fluidity.
3. Excellent oxidative stability, thermal stability and shear stability.
4. Excellent carbon and varnish control; reduce wear.
5. Extends lubrication cycle, meets and exceeds drain perios recommended by plants.
6. Reduce fule consuming.
7. Improve fuel economy.
8. Non toxic, non hazardous


Currently in China, the price of cars below 0.5 million uses mineral oils in 4S shops. It will accelerate mechanical wear and increase fuel consumption. Those who use mineral oils, changing to use ASI-艾萨 synthetic oils, find the fuel consumption decrases more than 10%. It's the promised fact.

Physicochemical Indices:

Item   5W-30
Viscosity Index176
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃)49.1
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃)9.3
Pour Point ℃-45
Flash Point ℃251
Auto-Ignition Point ℃332
Cold-Launch Viscosity (-30℃)2535
Limit Pump Temperature ℃-43
Sulphate Ash %WT1

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