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艾萨-ASI American Original PAG BG-4432
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BG-4432 PAG Gear Lubricant

BG-4432 is PAG based formulation provides excellent wear protection, high film strength, enhanced fluid life, and superior carbon and varnish control, excellent protection against water contamination.

1. PAG based formulation
2. Excellent lubrication
3. Very high film strength
4. Outstanding carbon and varnish control
5. Excellent fluid life
6. excellent dispersant properties
7. Enhanced resistance against water contamination
8. Excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion
9. Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
10.Non-toxic, non-hazardous

Physicochemical Indices:

Viscosity Index201203 207
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃)98148 221
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃)17.825 35
Flash Point ℃235237 231
Pour Point ℃-41-41 -38
FZG Test Stage12+12+ 12+
Copper Corrision,24 Hours1b1b 1b

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